Transform the way you engage physicians and patients. It's faster, easier effective and more productive. Go digital. Today.

Engage the physician with personalized and interactive digital medical content on tablet devices and improve the medical rep’s in clinic effectiveness.

After implementing Cirrius, we have been able to improve our compliance over calls, sampling and activation.

Regularly engage with your community of physicians and patients, with a personalized app providing medical information and services.

Cirrius is user friendly, even for our new joinees, and is very useful for review of customer coverage

Sales force effectiveness tools to segment and target physicians, improve coverage and performance improvement lead to higher productivity and efficiency.

Cirrius has proved to be an effective tool with exhaustive features and functionality and their strong pharma domain expertise, providing
quality customer service


Transform your medical engagements to the multichannel and digital way. Engage and transact with your own reps, physicians, patients and the supply chain with digital tools and rich digital content on the Cirrius PharmaCRM Suite. Your digital transformation partner.

Customer Relationship Marketing

Engagement with your Medical Rep

Closed Loop Marketing

Engagement with Physician led by Medical Rep

Physician & Patient Engagement

Direct engagement with Physician, Patient & Supply Chain

Digital Content

For CLM and Phyzii


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